Tucked behind the restaurants Sitti and Gravy, the Jiddi Space & Courtyard is a hidden gem in downtown Raleigh. Equal parts modern and provincial, it offers a secluded outdoor/indoor venue for your special events.

The Jiddi (“Grandfather” in Lebanese) Space is a fully enclosed private dining and event space. With its rustic charm, sense of history, and market lighting, it is ideal for family celebrations including wedding ceremonies and receptions, rehearsal dinners, and holiday or surprise parties.

It is equally equipped to host corporate events such as meetings, luncheons, training sessions, speaker series, and retirement or employee appreciation parties.

The Jiddi Space can accommodate a slide show or presentation with its drop-down screen, ceiling-mounted projector, wi-fi receiver, and speaker system.

The Courtyard is equipped to entertain your guests with market lighting, a bar, lounge seating, and can host live music or a DJ.

The Jiddi Space can be reserved alone or with the Courtyard. The Courtyard is booked in tandem with the Jiddi Space as the rain contingent.

The Jiddi Space & Courtyard is catered exclusively by either
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At Empire Eats, we treat each event as if it were our own special occasion and our guests as if they were in our own homes. It is complimentery to us that you have chosen to celebrate with us. We believe in guidelines, not rules. We are committed to creating a memorable experience for you, and to customize and tailor to your vision wherever possible in our Private Dining framework.

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