Whatever type of event you are planning—wedding, rehearsal dinner, birthday celebration, brunch, or corporate event—we are committed to creating a truly memorable experience for you and your guests. Our team of experienced chefs, highly trained service staff, and dedicated event coordinators will work closely with you and do everything we can to tailor your special event to your vision.

The Jiddi Space and Courtyard is catered exclusively by either Sitti or Gravy. All our menus feature fresh seasonal fare thus they will vary from season to season. Below are sample menus.

sitti lunch menu
sitti dinner menu
sitti menu descriptions 1sitti menu descriptions 2
gravy lunch menu
gravy dinner menu
Gravy Hor d'oeuvres menu
Gravy Brunch Buffet Menu

Bar Options

All alcoholic beverages are charged at regular menu prices based on consumption.

Select one of the following Bar Options for your event:

Open Bar
Your guests order as they like, and all alcoholic beverages are charged on consumption to the master tab.

Beer and Wine Only
You are charged based on consumption of beer and wine only on master tab. Liquor/cocktails are available as cash bar/individual tabs.

Cash Bar
All alcoholic beverages on individual tabs.

Customized Bar
Arrangements can be made with our Private Dining representative.